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Oona Caviar - pure Swiss Alpine caviar

Pure. Natural. Sustainable.

Indulgence, Swissness and lifestyle: the culinary harmony between the alpine mountain world, Swiss craftsmanship, quality and a delicacy comes from Frutigen. Oona Caviar is the first and only Swiss caviar from sturgeon that have grown up in Swiss mountain spring water. Passion, patience and care characterise this delicacy from the Kandertal valley. Created using the warm Lötschberg mountain spring water, this Swiss caviar promises authentic flavour. Sustainable, natural and finely crafted to the highest quality.

«Oona» – mystical and yet approachable

The unique, the exceptional, the true - «Oona». These attributes, derived from Celtic, describe the origins and values of the first Swiss caviar. The caviar is an ambassador for an unrivalled world of pleasure. The melodious name ‘Oona’ hints at the perfection of each individual, shiny grain of caviar and its honest flavour.

In 2011, when Oona Caviar unveiled the first pure Swiss caviar to the world of indulgence, private connoisseurs and the gastronomy industry quickly agreed that this delicacy would revolutionise Swiss cuisine. For over 10 years, connoisseurs have eagerly awaited the launch of «CaviArt» every autumn, marking the start of the caviar season. Masterful product development over the decade has now resulted in five different types of caviar, which have found a permanent place in the kitchens of restaurateurs and connoisseurs.

With a great deal of passion, patience and care, something unique has been created - Oona Caviar is the first and only Swiss caviar made from sturgeon that have grown up in Swiss mountain spring water. Based on the use of Lötschberg mountain spring water, the first Swiss caviar is produced sustainably and processed by hand using the finest methods. Learn more about caviar processing

The focus of caviar quality is deliberately on freshness. The aim is to produce honest, authentic caviar that has been stored for as short a time as possible, without any additives or preservatives. As one of the few caviar producers that do not use the additive borax, we produce caviar with a delicate skin, a pleasantly soft consistency and a fine melt. This is the only way to allow its nutty flavour and the subtle hint of young moss to unfold. Oona Caviar is refined using only pure salt, because sustainability, purity and the accentuation of the finest flavour nuances are paramount. Oona Caviar is characterised by its unmistakable character.

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“Oona” and the “Ice Cube”

The first Swiss caviar carries its own, specially designed and selected brand name “Oona”, and is an ambassador for a new world of culinary pleasure. Derived from the language of the Celts, “Oona” means the unique, the extraordinary. This musical name hints at the perfection of every individual caviar grain, and leads to the total experience created around this pure pleasure.

A fine product deserves a selected, exclusive packaging. The “Oona” caviar makes its appearance embedded in the “Ice Cube”. Made from clear glass hand-crafted by Glasi Hergiswil in Switzerland, the cube symbolises the purity of the product and takes the philosophy of sustainability into the material itself. The “Oona” caviar finds its place in the centre of the cube in the form of a ball – as a reflection of the perfect caviar pearl. A sophisticated cooling system within the sphere maintains the ideal temperature of the caviar. Each “Ice Cube” is unique, and shows its individual character through its craftsmanship. Learn more

Fillet of sturgeon – further temptation

Besides the caviar varieties, fresh and smoked fillet of sturgeon are also available under the Oona brand: The exquisite sturgeon meat is an important product in fish farming and is available in different flavours and smoking methods.

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