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Enjoying caviar

Fresh caviar can be kept for up to 3 months in its original sealed container refrigerated between -2°C and +2°C (please note the information provided by the individual producer and/or supplier). Under no circumstances should the temperature fall below -4°C, as the taste and consistency of the grains could otherwise be changed. Please enjoy immediately after opening.

In order to serve this delicacy in a fitting manner, spoons made from horn or mother-of-pearl are recommended. Gold spoons are also very suitable: these materials do not distort the unique taste of the caviar. Under no circumstances should silver or metallic spoons be used, as these will destroy the taste of the caviar. You will find various horn or mother-of-pearl spoons in our Shop.

The pearls are served cool, on an ice base, for example, so that the subtleties of the taste can fully unfold themselves. The side dishes for caviar are also delicate: it can be served with blinis, small, buckwheat pancakes, and sour cream. Buttered toast, baked potatoes or small potato fritters with sour cream are also exquisite. In general, the accompanying dishes should not have a strong taste of their own, because they should leave space for the unique taste of the caviar. However, caviar is also ideally suitable as a subtle component in dishes, for example to complement a steak tartare or for warm appetizers.

Caviar is accompanied by noble beverages: carefully selected champagne, Krimskoye (sparkling wine), dry white wine or vodka underline its flavour and highlight its fine qualities.

Caviar – the secret energizer: caviar is a healthy delicacy that contains vitamins D, E, B12 and niacin, and minerals such as iodine and sodium. Due to its lecithin content, calming properties have even been attributed to caviar. The fine pearls have a fat content of about 15 to 16 percent, and are very rich in protein (up to 35 percent).