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10 years of Oona Caviar and 8th Edition CaviArt 2021: The new caviar from the house of Oona features Christa Rigozzi's design in the anniversary year.

Swiss Tropical - design with energy

"Caviar and art is a perfect combination - as a gourmet, culinary moments are important to me, which is why I was delighted to agree to design this CaviArt", says Christa Rigozzi. The popular presenter, who became famous as Miss Switzerland, moves confidently in the world of indulgence. As an artist, she has already designed dresses for Lisbeth Egli's Haute Couture label and offers her own jewellery and shoe collection.

The fresh, colourful design reflects the equally fresh and dynamic nature of the artist: "Colours give energy. The elements of the tropical house such as water, nature, tropical products, sun, plants and positivity have guided my design," Rigozzi describes. She used yellow for the sun, black for caviar, green for plants and blue for water. Pink symbolises Switzerland. She has arranged the lines to the left and right of the lettering with character, stylised and simple like two wings. "Wings mean freedom to me - like a flight in the Swiss Alps, the home of Oona Caviar," Christa Rigozzi continues.

6th CaviArt limited edition 2019/20

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5th CaviArt limited edition 2018/19

The 5th CaviArt limited edition was designed by Michaël Lucerne. Now, all 50 g and 100 g tins bear the exclusive CaviArt design!

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