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CaviArt has created an exclusive design for "Oona Caviar Osietra Carat". Every year, new limited edition packaging is created for Oona - pure Swiss Alpine caviar by Swiss designers, artists or gourmands who espouse the same values as Oona of Swissness, authenticity and sustainability.


7. Edition CaviArt 2020: The new caviar from the House of Oona – exclusively presented by Eric Ray Blum, professional ice hockey player and artist of considerable profundity.


6th CaviArt limited edition 2019/20

Antoine Konrad designs the 6th edition of CaviArt for the Osietra Carat

The exclusive, inspiring world of Oona Caviar and the creative, passionate artist Antoine Konrad (DJ Anto...

5th CaviArt limited edition 2018/19

The 5th CaviArt limited edition was designed by Michaël Lucerne. Now, all 50 g and 100 g tins bear the exclusive CaviArt design!

More about Michaël Lucerne: www.michaellucerne.c...

4th CaviArt limited edition 2017/18

We mark the start of the caviar season with the launch of the 4th edition of CaviArt. For the fourth year in a row, CaviArt has created an exclusive design for "Oona N°103 – tradit...