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CaviArt - 2023/2024

Tropenhaus Frutigen launches the caviar season with the 10th CaviArt for the 2022/2023 season, this year again with specially designed packaging by Troubas Kater, a dialect band from Bern.

An artistic work of art with many facets

The 10th CaviArt is a work of art by the Bernese dialect band Troubas Kater. Several band members contributed to the design. We became aware of the band when they released their new album "Karma & Kaviar" this year and found this to be a suitable opportunity to ask them.

QC alias Markus Sollberger is the singer of Troubas Kater and tells us what story the box is supposed to tell: "Dragons and mermaids - both are mythical creatures that help us to tell stories. In our opinion, music and culinary delights have this in common: it's not the flavour or the sound alone that makes the magic. They only serve as door openers. Much more important is the story that is told. The memories that are evoked, of unique moments that we open-heartedly experienced and that awaken this pure, childlike joy in us," explains QC.

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5th CaviArt limited edition 2018/19

The 5th CaviArt limited edition was designed by Michaël Lucerne. Now, all 50 g and 100 g tins bear the exclusive CaviArt design!

More aboutt ichaël Lucerne:

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