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4th CaviArt limited edition 2017/18

4. Edition CaviArt 2017/18

We mark the start of the caviar season with the launch of the 4th edition of CaviArt. For the fourth year in a row, CaviArt has created an exclusive design for "Oona N°103 – traditionnel".

The limited edition exclusive packaging for caviar tins was designed by Gregory Knie. He has used splatter painting to create a symbiosis of brightly coloured shapes – a combination of circus flair and caviar, or as he puts it, "Ohlala and Oona".

"Ohlala and Oona simply says it all!" comments Gregory Knie on an upcoming opportunity that offers a vibrant combination of art, culture, the circus and gastronomic delight: for the duration of the Ohlala circus show, 20 g limited edition CaviArt tins will be available to enjoy in an exclusive caviar lounge.

The 4th CaviArt limited edition is available on all 50 g tins Oona N°103 – traditionnel. To the Online-Shop.