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6th CaviArt limited edition 2019/20

6. Edition CaviArt 2019/20 - Präsentiert von Antoine Konrad (DJ Antoine)

Antoine Konrad designs the 6th edition of CaviArt for the Osietra Carat

The exclusive, inspiring world of Oona Caviar and the creative, passionate artist Antoine Konrad (DJ Antoine) is reflected in the 6th edition of CaviArt. It focuses on the tiger as the basis and symbol of Antoine Konrad’s lifestyle: power, timing, creativity, discipline, speed, and above all uniqueness. The symmetrical arrangement of motifs in all directions produces a symbiosis of time and space, while the diversity of life is characterized by the magnificent colours. Antoine Konrad and Oona Caviar have created this symbiosis of unforgettable, pleasurable moments.

The 6th edition of CaviArt is available on the 100 g Oona Caviar Osietra Carat.

The K stands for Konrad. Basel-based Antoine Konrad, the internationally renowned and successful DJ Antoine, has rocked all the great stages in the world, as well as the charts. His latest passions are wine, champagne and accessories! But Antoine wouldn’t be Antoine if he didn’t also want to make it to the top with his new “baby”. He discovered his passion for wine back in 2004. “The Graubünden vintner Martin Donatsch asked me to be an ambassador for his Chardonnay Unique. It was in his wine cellar that I realized I wanted to have my own wine label one day.”

I’ve had a house in Burgundy for nearly 20 years now. It’s the ideal source of inspiration, which I knew right from the start. I’m a connoisseur and I love sharing. I like to invite guests, and above all to sit at a big table having interesting conversations. That’s my passion. It’s a way to establish new friendships, and I associate that with lifestyle.”

What began in 2011 with a lengthy tasting session with Norbert Spielmann in Wertheim, Germany, has developed into an impressive and varied product range. Konrad wines and Konrad champagne come from the best vineyards in Europe. The first Konrad wines were launched in top Swiss restaurants in 2017 – the start of a success story. “My wines and champagne have their own unique character – that’s important to me.”

The tiger is the basis and symbol of our Konrad Lifestyle brand – and is also Antoine Konrad's favourite animal. It represents power, charm, timing, luck, creativity, discipline, uniqueness and – last but not least – speed. This temperament is impressive and also inspired Antoine Konrad to follow his passion. We connect people and bring them together at the table. The three tigers in the logo symbolize our shared maxim We Share Lifestyle. Each of the tigers represents one of our central areas: people – events – products. These come together and join forces.

Now, all 100 g tins bear the exclusive CaviArt design!

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