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New for our business customers: Order caviar quickly and easily online!

Even after the opening hours of our Sales Office, our business customers can immediately order their desired caviar quantity online at any time of the day.

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Free shipping

From now on you will benefit from new shipping conditions:

Every order from CHF 280 in our online shop will be delivered throughout Switzerland without shipping costs.

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Fresh fish – now available in our online shop!

Order our fresh fish online – available now.

Perch, pikeperch and sturgeon fillet are best when grilled, braised, steamed or fried.

Now you can have our fresh fish from mountain spring water delivered directly to your home.

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Now available - caviar from Russian sturgeon!

We are happy to present you the latest product from the House of Oona - Oona Caviar Osietra Carat.

The caviar comes from fish (Russian sturgeon) that had 9-10 years in which to develop and grow in the warm mountain water. The result is a fine, dry caviar. The grains are silver-grey to olive and have a golden sheen. Traditionally aged in slip-lid tins, the caviar develops its nutty and unbelievably fresh aroma with subtle notes of fresh earth. It is therefore stronger than Oona Caviar N°103 – traditionnel. A product for true caviar connoisseurs.

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Oona Caviar - Petit Plaisir

Right in time for summer we are pleased to present our latest product.

Now available: Feuille de Caviar!

Feuille de Caviar available to order since 1st December!