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Oona Caviar - Petit Plaisir

Caviar served on egg - Petit Plaisir with egg

Now available.

Right in time for summer we are pleased to present our latest product.

Oona Caviar - Petit Plaisir

Its name says it all. Petit Plaisir – an exclusive little delight – is ideally suited for a surprise moment or an in-between snack.

The caviar, in small 5 g portions, is thus the perfect accompaniment to cool drinks, summer parties, family celebrations or weddings.

Petit Plaisir also supplements the range of real Swiss Alpine Caviar No. 103 – traditionnel with its distinctive, slightly salty note and nutty, characterful flavour. The fresh caviar is portioned and flash-frozen at the peak of the ageing process. The flash freezing prevents ice crystals from forming, and the caviar retains its flavour and typical consistency. You benefit from a caviar with a constantly optimum age profile that can be used on an individual basis.

Petit Plaisir is available in units of 3 x 8 portions of 5 g each, or a total of 120 g.

Your advantages

  • No lost product due to open tins
  • Exact cost control per portion
  • Can be served quickly, no time lost for weighing
  • Easy handling, as already portioned
  • Long shelf life, no preservatives used


1. Oona Caviar Petit Plaisir is delivered on 3 plates of 8 x 5 g caviar each (120 g).
2. Remove the film.
3. Tip out of the plate while frozen.
4. Or tip out while frozen and then arrange.
5. After plating up, serve in a few minutes at room temperature or allow to thaw completely in the refrigerator.
  6. Once thawed, do not refreeze.
  7. Can be kept at  -18°C for 1 year.

Serving suggestion

  • With a delicious fish dish.
  • With a cool drink or sparkling champagne.
  • With vodka.

The ideal portion size makes this delicacy perfect for restaurants, caterers, bars, parties, groups or private consumption.