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Ice Cube

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A fine product deserves a selected, exclusive packaging. The “Oona” caviar makes its appearance embedded in the “Ice Cube”. Made from clear glass hand-crafted by Glasi Hergiswil in Switzerland, the cube symbolises the purity of the product and takes the philosophy of sustainability into the material itself. The “Oona” caviar finds its place in the centre of the cube in the form of a ball – as a reflection of the perfect caviar pearl. A sophisticated cooling system within the sphere maintains the ideal temperature of the caviar. Each “Ice Cube” is unique, and shows its individual character through its craftsmanship. Learn more

  • 30 g and 50 g caviar tin N°103 – traditionnel
  • 50 g caviar tin N°102 - young
  • 50 g caviar tin N°101 - limited (when available)
  • 50 g caviar tin Osietra Carat