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Book: Kaviar Geschichten

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Do you know what a Huso huso is? If you think it’s a Beluga-sturgeon, you’re right! But did you know that caviar was “poor man’s food” right up to the end of the 19th century? And that during the “caviar rush” in the USA, the black caviar eggs were handed out for free like peanuts in the New York bars? Do you know how caviar is actually produced? What is actually behind Osietra, Sevruga and Beluga?
Christoph Moeske's caviar stories provide interesting and entertaining information as well as detail on the political and economic backgrounds. They put you in a contemplative mood and also amuse you. In short: they are the perfect read for caviar lovers and those whom they convert.

Product details

  • By Christoph Moeskes
  • Tre Torri Verlag (2011)
  • Only available in German


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