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Alan Hamilton, Head-chef Restaurant Smith and de Luma, Zürich,

My first choice in caviar is Oona caviar, in my opinion the best to complement to my food and style of cooking. As a Swiss ingredient it fills me with pride to use it knowing exactly where it comes from. It brings a sense of celebration and luxury to my menus and I very much enjoy using Oona caviar in my dishes to round off a combination of flavours or to simply serve it in its pure form and enjoy its opulence.

Ivo Adam, Swiss star chef,

The Frutigen gold!

Christopher Füxl, chef de cuisine at Restaurant Füxl, Bregenz,

We take the greatest delight in serving our guests Oona caviar. Tropenhaus Frutigen’s sustainable concept means both we and our guests appreciate the company’s first-class product line.

Mario Hüttenmoser, owner and chef de cuisine of the Boutique-Hotel e Ristorante La Rinascente & Le Gourmet Catering, Locarno,

Smoked sturgeon: An exquisite top-class product, which is highly appreciated.
Oona caviar: a genuine pleasure for the palate!

René-François Maeder, host at the Waldhotel Doldenhorn and Landgasthof Ruedihus, Kandersteg,
15 GM / President of the Guild of Established Swiss Restaurant Proprietors

Oona caviar from our valley, an absolutely first-rate product. Sturgeon bred in pure mountain water using energy taken from the Lötschberg in an ecologically intelligent manner. An authentic delight. These products simply belong to the menu for spoiled gourmets.

Harry Switalla, chef de cuisine in the Mont Cervin Palace 5*S, Zermatt,
Restaurant Grill Le Cervin 14 GM / Ristorante Capri 17 GM & 1* Michelin

A top Swiss product which simply must be on the menu. Oona caviar is on a par with international brands.

Heribert Dietrich, chef de cuisine and host at Restaurant Höhwald, Klosters,
16 GM & 1 Michelin star, member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe

The Oona caviar and other products from the Tropenhaus are ideally suited to the philosophy and concept of the restaurant Höhwald: “From the region – for the region.”

Jörg Slaschek, owner, restaurant operator, trainer and chef de cuisine in the restaurant Attisholz, Riedholz,
17 GM / 1* Michelin / active member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe – Talent & Passion Suisse and Les Grandes Tables de Suisse

We are proud to be able to work with fresh and regional products. The quality achieved in Tropenhaus Frutigen is impressive, thus lending our menu a special touch.

Urs Messerli & Domingo S. Domingo, chef de cuisine in the restaurant mille sens, Bern,
Former star chef who has already received several awards/ 14 GM / popular Pan-Pacific specialist / member of Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe en Suisse.

Oona caviar is a world-class product from local resources!

Lucia Cordonnier, chef de cuisine from the unique Chetzeron Restaurant & Hotel, Crans Montana,

Frutigen’s black pearly caviar accompanies our concept right up to the culinary climax!

Markus Hohler, Managing Director of Michel Comestibles,

The structure now for this quality of the first Swiss caviar is fantastic!

Andri Rageth, Rageth Comestibles, Landquart,

The exclusive caviar products from Tropenhaus Frutigen provide a perfect and attractive addition to our international delicatessen products. Regional, sustainable and sympathetic. Fresh and superior.

Lucas & Marco, owners of Luma Beef, Neuhausen,

A unique, prestigious Swiss product, a culinary climax. Matches our Luma product philosophy perfectly!

Andreas Altorfer, CEO at Dörig & Brandl AG, Comestibles Import, Zürich,

We are proud to have Oona caviar and the smoked products in our product range. We successfully sell the products from Tropenhaus Frutigen to gastronomy professionals, as well as in our seven fresh fish outlets to private customers. Our customers appreciate the “Swissness” and the top-notch quality.