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Now available: Feuille de Caviar!

Feuille de Caviar - Caviar processed into small blocks and smoked.

Feuille de Caviar available to order since 1st December!

The caviar is pressed into small blocks, smoked and cut into small bars. It can be sliced finely and will delight gourmands with its bitter, smoky flavour and distinctive notes of caviar on the finish.

Martin Strehle, head chef at Tropenhaus Frutigen, has been associated with the development of Feuille de Caviar and has focused intently on its sensory characteristics and structure. "The sophisticated flavour, iridescent black colour and distinctive pearly surface make this unique product stand out from the crowd," the chef enthuses. He recommends using Feuille de Caviar in the same way as truffles and suggests grating, shaving or finely slicing it to add a sophisticated touch to dishes such as risotto, pasta or seared sturgeon fillet.